Data Quality- Find out why our data compilation process is one-of-a-kind
How we compile our data:
Each day, data analysts scour thousands of sources to add new data, update existing records and eliminate duplicates. And that’s just the beginning. Watch the video to learn more.

Telephone Verified:
Our process is like no other in the industry. In fact we do something no other company does - we make more than 600,000 phone calls each year to verify all information that we collect.
Take a virtual tour of our quality process in action.
When you invest valuable time and money on mailings or sales calls,
you need the most accurate data available. Our 30 full-time researchers
at our 6,000-sq ft Database and Technology Center are solely dedicated
to building the data,verifying it and updating it for you. We also invest
more than 100 million rupees to ensure our technology and resources
are secure and maintain our essential data year after year.

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