Cancellation & Refund Policy

Since you go through a fairly long and elaborate process of placing your order(s) which will finally culminate in you making the payment through a Cheque / DD / PayPal, which again is fairly lengthy, it is assumed by that all the Orders that have been received have been placed by the customer(s) carefully. There is no such option as ‘Cancellation of an Order’ in the website. All orders received will be out for distribution as per specifications defined by the customer(s) and will be shipped to the desired destination(s) at the earliest possible.


Since there is no such customer accessible option as Cancellation of an Order in the website, no refunds of any sort would be made against any order.

However, in case of any instance of wrongly made multiple payments is found against any order, the excess debited amount will be credited back to the customers as per the rules and regulations of and concerned third parties including the Payment Gateway service provider bank and the corresponding duplicated orders, if any such cases occurred, will be treated as cancelled, after consultation through appropriate media and consent from the customer.

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